“Tourists don't know where they've been, travelers don't know where they're going.” – Paul Theroux

If you have ever thought about any of the following:

  • Working in a summer camp.
  • Volunteering in a wildlife rescue programme or at an elephant sanctuary.
  • Volunteer teaching in a school, orphanage or hospital.
  • Getting paid to teach English as a travelling teacher.
  • Experiencing a cultural exchange in another country.
  • Going out into the world and doing something meaningful and different.

Camp Thailand is the perfect way to go!

Working or volunteering as part of a team with your friends or other Camp Thailand participants, who will have a similar background to yourself, enables you to get a real feel for Thailand, Thai people and its rich culture and heritage. You will be making a positive and lasting change in the lives of many Thai children and even animals, should you choose to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary or wildlife rescue centre. The amazing experiences gained from this ultimate cultural exchange programme will be engrained in you and change your life forever.

Overview of your Camp Thailand Odyssey

Apply for your chosen Camp Thailand location and intake dates.

Upon acceptance to the programme you can make your own travel arrangements or we can put you in touch with our flight partners who will happily make your travel arrangements for you.

You can kick-start your Thailand adventure by joining your fellow Camp Thailand participants on a fabulous Bangkok Adventure and Immersion Excursion. To see the details of the Camp Thailand “Bangkok Adventure and Immersion Excursion” tour please click on the ”Explore Thailand and Beyond” tab on this website’s main toolbar. An extra charge applies for this offering.

Our staff will “Meet and Greet” you upon arrival at Bangkok’s international airport and escort you to your chosen camp Thailand destination.

Most Camp Thailand participants enjoy one 3-week programme intake in Thailand. Typically, most if not all participants sign up for the Bangkok Tour which takes place at the beginning of their programme intake. They then spend 2 weeks at their chosen Camp Thailand location before visiting and exploring an exotic Thai island for the remaining 5 days of their programme intake. If you are one of the many adventurers that want to experience more than 3 weeks in Thailand, you can also choose to experience two or more camp locations, rather than just one location and there is an amazing island hopping tour experience that takes place at the end of each intake which is the perfect way for you to end your Thailand odyssey.

During the 2 weeks at your Camp Thailand location on most weekdays you will be working or volunteering, teaching English and other subjects in English, in schools, orphanages or learning centres. If you select Camp B (Elephant Sanctuary) there will also be an overnight homestay with a Thai family or resort hotel in Silk village and an overnight stay as a volunteer at the Surin Project – Elephant sanctuary. During your stay in Thailand you will participate in activities such as bicycle trips, lake-excursion, barbecue party, Muay Thai boxing, Thai cooking and language demonstration. The great thing about the Camp Thailand programme is that you will work and volunteer together with your new best friends as part of a team and you will also experience all the activities as part of a group. The activities are optional rather than mandatory and included in your Camp Thailand package. You will be given at least one day off a week to do your own thing. N.B. If you want to repeat and experience an activity more than once this can be arranged for a nominal extra charge.

For week 2 of your Camp Thailand Odyssey, before heading off to an exotic Thai island with the rest of your intake group for the final 5 days of your programme intake, you have a choice to make:

Alternative A: You can choose to remain at Camp and continue with the same format you enjoyed for the first week, namely working or volunteering during the weekdays and partaking in activities on the weekend


Alternative B: You can choose to partake in one of seven, week long, Special Elective Programmes (EP’s) such as volunteering for a week on an Elephant Conservation project or at a Wildlife Rescue Santuary. N.B. An extra fee applies for the EP Programmes and to see the menu of EP Programme’s offered please click on the “Elective Programmes” tab on this website’s main toolbar.

N.B.: There is also a “Cambodia Tour” offering which normally takes place towards the end of week 2 of your Camp Thailand Odyssey and after finishing your Camp Thailand Odyssey you will have the option of doing our Camp Thailand Island Hopping tour. This is a fabulous way to finish up your Thailand adventure with your new best friends and unwind and relax on some of Thailand’s most iconic and exotic islands and beaches. To see the details of the Camp Thailand Cambodia and Island Hopping tours please click on the ”Explore Thailand and Beyond” tab on this website’s main toolbar.

Remember, whichever Camp Thailand location you select, our family of staff are there to support you 24/7 from the moment you apply to the programme until you leave Thailand. You can apply with your friends and be placed at the same Camp location as your friends. If you are coming alone, don’t worry, you are guaranteed to make new friends and have one of the best experiences, if not the best experience, of your life.

Example Itinerary for Camp B (Elephant Sanctuary) Participants

Daily Programme Itinerary – Camp B: Elephant Sanctuary

January, 2017 CAMP B (Krasang, Buriram + Koh Samet) Schedule

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 (Week 1)
08 09 10 11 12 13 14 (Week 2)
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 (Week 3)
22 (Week 4)

Day 1: Program Start date with pickup from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport at 2 p.m.

Day 2: Bangkok Tour (N.B. If not participating in the tour you will travel directly to Camp today)

Day 3: Travel to Camp B by train (Leave the hotel at 8.30 a.m. and the train departs at 10.04 a.m.)

Day 4: Day trip to Surin Lake

Day 5: Orientation + TEFL TRAINING + THAI LANGUAGE LESSON + Muay Thai Boxing Session

Days 6, 7 and 8:Teaching days at English Summer Camps at local Schools or Temples

Day 9: Visit to, with overnight stay at, Country Roads’ Elephant Freedom Conservation Project

Day 10: Teaching local children and/or staff in the morning. Free time in the Afternoon & Evening

Day 11: Free Day and Evening for you to explore and enjoy your local surroundings

Day 12: Continued TEFL TRAINING + THAI LANGUAGE LESSON + Teach local children and/or staff

Days 13 and 14: Teaching day at a school followed by a teaching day at a temple or vice versa

Day 15: Visit to, with overnight stay at, Silk Village

Day 16: Thai cooking Demonstration followed by BBQ and Sky Lantern lighting at a local lake

Day 17: Teaching local children and/or staff in the morning. Travel to Koh Samet in the evening

Days 18, 19, 20 & 21: Hang out and explore the exotic island of Koh Samet. Graduation Party on 25th

Day 22: Time to say “Au Revoir” (Unless doing the Island Hopping Tour) and travel to Bangkok

Cambodia Tour: Days 14, 15, 16 & 17. If you have signed up for the Cambodia tour you will miss the Camp B activities scheduled for Days 14 to 17 but you will have an opportunity to do the visit to, and overnight stay at, the Silk Village, scheduled for Day 15 on Day 11 instead, if you wish to partake in this program included activity.

N.B. We have secured a group rate for participants travelling back to Bangkok from Koh Samet on Day 22. Should you decide to travel without the rest of the group on Day 22 you will be responsible for your own transportation costs back to Bangkok.

6 Simple Steps to Creating your tailor made, Camp Thailand Odyssey Programme.

Step One: Choose which Camp Thailand location(s) you wish to experience. There are six different Camp Thailand locations to choose from:
Camp A: The Beach and Secret Garden (Cha-Am Beach and Suan Phueng District)
Camp B: Elephant Sanctuary (Buriram and Surin Provinces in North East Thailand)
Camp C: Tropical Jungle (Chiang Mai City and Province in North East Thailand)
Camp D: City of Angels (Bangkok City)
Camp P: Pearl of the Andeman Sea (Phuket Island)
Camp Cambodia

Camp Colombia

Most Camp Thailand participants choose to stay with us for one intake at one of the above camps but it is also possible to spend an intake period at multiple camp locations.

Whether you are travelling alone or with friends, you will soon make new friends with fellow Camp Thailand participants, who have similar backgrounds to yours. It is fair to say that your list of Facebook contacts will never be the same again.

Step Two: Choose which “EXPLORE THAILAND AND BEYOND” offerings you wish to partake in

Step Three: Choose which, if any, “Elective Programme” offering you wish to partake in for week 2

Step Four: Complete the online application after clicking on this website’s ”Apply” tab or you can apply directly through the www.summercampthailand.com website.

Step Five: After being accepted to the Camp Thailand Programme, if you have not already done so, let us know about any special requirements (accommodation, meals etc.) that you have.

Step Six: Make your Programme Fee deposit.