Camp Thailand Special Elective Programmes

For most people like yourself, the Camp Thailand experience is a four week long odyssey. During the weekdays you can expect to be teaching English or other subjects in English as part of a team at schools, hospitals or orphanages. On the days you are not teaching, typically the weekends, you get to participate in fun activities and events with your new best friends. These activities and events, along with your accommodation are included in your Camp Thailand Programme fee.

The great thing about the Camp Thailand Experience is its flexibility versatility. This allows you to design and build a tailor made programme that suits your individual needs, desires and budget. If you are on a tight budget you can choose to do the main Camp Thailand programme, described above, for 4 weeks. If you have some more discretionary income you get the chance to spice up your Camp Thailand experience by adding optional tours such as the Bangkok sightseeing tour at the beginning of the programme. The Cambodia tour or The Island Hopping Tour at the end of your programme. Rather than staying at Camp and following the above formula for 4 weeks you also have the option to do something different for the fourth week. For example you could spend the whole 4th week volunteering and working with Elephants at an Elephant Sanctuary, or working at a dog rescue centre or volunteering at a Wildlife Rescue Centre. With seven optional, Special Elective Programmes (EP’s) to select from for the fourth week, there really is something for everybody. If your budget does not allow you to indulge in one of the EP’s listed below, don’t worry, you will still have lots of fun activities to join in on during the fourth week at your Camp Thailand location and you can always come back in the future to do one of these EP’s.

Menu Of Optional, Special Elective Programmes (EP’s) for Week 4


EP 1: Live and Volunteer for a week at the Surin Project Elephant Sanctuary.

EP 1 (7 days & 6 nights) requires an additional Fee of 13,000 THB (approx. 235 GBP)

EP 2: Homestay in Silk Village and teaching English in the orphanage & school

EP 2 (5 days & Nights) requires an additional Fee of 9,900 THB (approx. 179 GBP)

EP 3: Learn the art of Thai Massage on a 6 day Professional Certification Course

EP3 (6 days) requires an additional Fee of 9,900 THB (approx. 179 GBP)

EP 4: Learn Thai Language & the art of Thai cooking

EP4 (6 days) requires an additional Fee of 9,900 THB (approx. 179 GBP)

EP 5: Learn the art of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

EP5 (6 days) requires an additional Fee of 9,900 THB (approx. 179 GBP)

EP 6: Volunteer at a Dog Rescue Sanctuary

EP5 (6 days) requires an additional Fee of 9,900 THB (approx. 179 GBP)

EP 7: Volunteer at a Wildlife Rescue Centre

EP7 (6 days) requires an additional Fee of 350 Euros (approx. 252 GBP)

EP8: English Language Courses

EP8: English Language Courses